AMP's Easter Egg MP3 player

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Easter is always slightly disappointing – crack open the large cardboard box and you get a smaller egg than you’d hoped for. Crack that open and you get a small bag of chocolates if you’re lucky. Well, here’s something that could make it so much better – the AMP Easter Egg MP3 player.

Yes, you get an MP3 player inside the egg. It’s actually an Inovix IMP-11 128MB MP3 player – not the best on the market, but not to be sniffed at either and ideal for the daily commute or trip to the gym.

And the chocolate isn’t bad either – it’s organic milk chocolate, housed in a smart gold box. Admittedly it costs a bit more than the Buttons egg in the supermarket, but at £19.99, it’s not ludicrously expensive.

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Dave Walker
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