Aldi to offer 47-inch HD-ready LCD TV – but how much?


Aldi is set to offer a 47-inch HD-ready LCD TV in April – and as it’s Aldi, you would expect it to be cheap. But as yet, the company is being a little coy about the price tag and an image – only making it known a week before it hits its stores.

The TV, which will feature an integrated digital tuner alongside the analogue, also comes with a wall bracket (if your wall can cope with it) and a three-year warranty. Features include 1600:1 contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, 16.7 million colours, S-Video input, PC input, 2 x Scart lead inputs, 2 x HDMI inputs and automatic volume correction.

In addition, there’s Nicam stereo, auto tuning, picture in picture, child lock and full-featured remote control. It goes on sale from 19th April – and you’ll need a big car to pick it up as the store doesn’t deliver.

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  • i have this tevion 47 inch tv.the picture is fair but certainly not good.the viewing distance is important, the bigger the tv, the further away you should sit. at 6ft it can be blocky(where you see the pixels) the connectivity is excellent with picture in picture from hd source + normal source. sound is good 15watt i think. the service agent aldi uses/manufacturer are impossible to get hold of by telephone, i have gone into aldi to report problems and aldi gets tevion to ring the above posting.dr needs to check if the tv is set for pal system cos usa is ntsc. but the main problem will be that the tevion digital tuner is rubbish. i am in a medium signal strenght area .with 2 twin tuner freeview boxes working perfectly with an amplifier in attic.tevion insisted i put a 2nd amp for the tv tuner but that didnt work at all. and its best (in my case) with no amplification at all. the weather affects reception to the tevion tuner as well.finally the 3 yr guarantee looks good but it,s a return to base at your expense, and couriers do not insure glass. so not so good.

  • Looking for some help concerning Tevion TVs – picked up a used 1yr old Tevion 27inch flat screen in the US. Channels 2-6 do not receive, but other stations are perfect. Booklet does not help, thought maybe channels were “locked”? Phone number on booklet 1-800-345-0928 goes to some shoe store in Southern US. Anyone have any ideas?

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