Watch the iPhone interface running on a Pocket PC

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Cor, I can’t wait till the iPhone comes out, with its swizzy touch-screen interface, the like of which hasn’t been seen on any mobile device ever before, ever. But hang on, what’s this below? Some bloke’s fiddled with their E-TEN M600 Pocket PC to make it identical to an iPhone – including the tactile UI and iPod music app? D’oh!

Stuart Dredge
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  • I’m guessing Dennis Bruno wasn’t just any old sad Apple Fanboi…

    Seems odd that the video gets pulled just after his rant. Wanna bet the download sites are even now getting slapped around by Apple lawyers? Hellooooo Apple, the new Microsoft II, perhaps?

  • It may have almost the same feature as the iphone it is all a fake if you could see it can not play the music. I think the iphone is the worlds number one phone. All the other phone companies out there the iphone is comming watch out.

  • wow, just wow.
    dude, you should make money out of that! or give it as freeware skin to the masses…that would be superb!
    shows how iphone is nothing but a cool UI concept on a basic phone, the massive functionality possabilites of PPC plus this nice UI gives me the ultimate phone of the future!!!

  • The (someday) iPhone has a cool UI, but only the unwashed, brainwashed Mac Fanboi masses will be lining up to buy one and switch carriers.

    The rest of us will install a new skin (months earlier).

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