UK HDforAll campaign aims to secure high definition over Freeview


hdforall.gifA coalition of TV manufacturers, retailers, and public service broadcasters have formed the HDforAll campaign, their aim being to secure the future of free-to-view high definition television programming over Freeview.

HDforAll is concerned that Ofcom’s plan to auction off the spectrum freed up by digital switchover will jeopardise the only opportunity to launch a range of HD channels on Freeview.

If the auction goes ahead, it’s likely that mobile operators would bid for the space, as they would be more likely to be able to recoup the auction cost than a PSB.

It’s not technically feasible to simply use the existing Freeview capacity to launch high definition channels without sacrificing existing standard definition ones.

The HDforAll campaign supporters believe every citizen in the UK should be able to enjoy the benefits of HD however they choose to receive television just as they do with broadcasts in colour.

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Andy Merrett
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