Two New York Apple stores rank in America's Favourite Architecture top 150


applelogo.pngAs Apple expands its retail stores around the world by opening its first Australian store, in Sydney, there’s an interesting survey that has placed two US Apple stores in America’s Favourite Architecture top 150.

America’s Favourite Architecture is the result of an AIA (American Institute of Architects) and Harris Interactive poll of 1,800 Americans naming their 150 favorite structures across the nation based on nominations from AIA member architects.

Apple’s Store on Fifth Avenue, New York, comes in at position 53, whilst Apple Store in Soho, New York, comes in at position 141.

Maybe not the Empire State Building (ranked top) or the White House (ranked second), but still a decent achievement.

Must be those glass staircases.

(VIa Raster|Vector)

Andy Merrett
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