The £120k flight simulator set for take-off


flyboy.jpgCouldn’t you buy an actual plane for that much cash? Sydney-based flyboy Matthew Sheil doesn’t care.

He’s spent $230,000 (nearly £120k) creating his own ninja flight simulator, using 13 quad-core Voodoo PCs, a Philips Ambilight LCD monitor, and a Saitek X52 joystic and throttle.

Hang on, that wouldn’t cost all that money. He’s been had! But wait: he’s also set up a hydraulic system that tilts and shakes the cockpit while he’s flying, matching his actions in the simulator itself. He’s even got airline snacks. No news on whether any stewardesses have replied to his job ad yet, mind…

(via GWN)

Stuart Dredge
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