Stay legal in the car with Parrot’s CK3000 Evolution

Mobile phones

Drive down the road and chances are you’ll see a van driver clutching a mobile to their ear whilst negotiating a tricky turn. It’s illegal, but no-one seems bothered. However, as of 27th February, the law gets teeth – £60 fine plus three points on your licence. So it might be as well to go hands free.

Parrot’s CK3000 Evolution is universally compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and using your car stereo speakers, it lets you take the calls with a clear sound (well, as clear as your stereo). You can stay in touch with up to 150 friends, family or business contacts at the touch of a button with the voice recognition functionality and it’s easy to transfer between cars.

You can pick one up from Halfords, priced at £99.99 with free installation.

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Dave Walker
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