SearchAhead provides early warning system for safe web browsing at work


scansafe.gifGiven that porn accounts for 2 out of 3 web pages visited at work, the new SearchAhead service from ScanSafe could be the answer for employers worried about their workforce’s inappropriate surfing habits, as well as providing an extra level of protection against malware and other nasties.

Over 90% of new websites are found through Internet searches, according to Dan Nadir, VP of ScanSafe. SearchAhead pre-scans the search results from Google, Yahoo! and MSN (Live Search), providing advanced warning of malware plus guidance on acceptable or unacceptable websites, based upon policies set up by the employer.

Users are given advance guidance of security risks, rather than blocking them, when they stray onto dangerous web sites. The system annotates all search engine results with traffic light colour-coding according to their status.

“With SearchAhead, businesses have a head start in the fight to secure their networks and employees from malware on the web. It removes the burden from security administrators, ensuring their corporate web use policy is being enforced proactively by their own employees. Additionally, because users are warned in advance when a particular link will be blocked and logged, it prevents embarrassing reports and claims by users that they
‘accidentally’ visited a site that was in a blocked category,” Nadir said.


Andy Merrett
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