Surfing porn at work? 2 out of every 3 visits apparently


Given the IT policies of places I’ve worked, and the examples I’ve seen of people breaking those policies, I struggle to believe some European research that suggests that two out of every three visits to porn sites happen at work.

The survey suggests that general personal use of the Internet takes up an average of an hour a day per employee: not just on porn of course, but I’m surprised there are what sounds like a significant proportion of workers prepared to take the risk.

Either there are some companies with extremely lax policies, or they aren’t able to police their employees use of the Internet, or else… well the porn-surfers should enter the lottery as they’re obviously extremely lucky.

It must surely be worrying for companies if questionable material is found passing through their systems, as they could be held responsible for it. I’ve seen employees demoted or sacked for being involved in porn. I thought that was the norm but maybe not?

In less surprising statistics, 21% of email received at work is spam, with 5% of it containing malware. That’s also a timewaster. The survey suggested that companies with just 10 employees could be paying up to €136,000 per year because of computer attacks, a figure that takes into account time lost, cost of bandwidth, and time taken by IT staff to solve the problems.

(Via Management Issues)

Andy Merrett
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