Nokia offers free mapping software for mobile devices

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nokia-n95.jpgNokia has annouced that its smart2go mapping and navigation platform will be made available free-of-charge for anyone with a compatible mobile handset to make use of.

Initially, the software will work on Nokia phones, and smartphones running the Windows Mobile OS, with Nokia planning to roll out the software to most other major mobile operating systems in time.

It will be pre-installed on all future N-Series multimedia computers under the name “Nokia Maps”.

Featuring 15 million points of interest, with mapping and routing of over 150 countries and turn-by-turn satellite navigation in over 30 countries, the system will also allow users to send favourite location information by MMS, Bluetooth, infrared, or e-mail. Maps and routes can also be saved, and map screen shots added to their gallery.

Brand name companies will also be able to place their icons on these digital maps.

Nokia must have seen the potential, and threat, of services like Google Maps being used on mobile devices, and obviously wants a piece of the action. Yes, it’s a useful application, and by installing it as standard on future handsets, and making it free to everyone else, they’ll likely get many people using it, and be able to generate more revenue. Smart move.

Andy Merrett
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