LCD vs plasma – which do you prefer?


Pioneer is on the offensive – desperate to take you away from LCD and towards a HD-ready plasma TV.

As one of the leaders in the UK plasma market, that’s no surprise. According to Pioneer, with a plasma you get better contrast than an LCD, superior black tone, better resolution, greater image depth, sharper imaging, better colour and a greater response speed.

Obviously, if you were a representative from Sony or Samsung, you may disagree with all of the above. And I’m guessing they will also point out that LCDs tend to be lighter and thinner, they use less power and they are believed to last longer.

But what do you think? Are you a fan of LCD or do you go for plasma? And if so, why? Let us know your thoughts below.

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Dave Walker
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  • my sony 40″w2000 has just been relegated to the bedroom and replaced by a 60″ kuro plasma

    the difference is chalk and cheese

    sony whilst no doubt a very good lcd is over bright and over sharp for a TV display, watching BD films on the kuro shows up huge amounts of info thats just lost on the LCD, i wasnt suprised to see a huge improvement in the blacks but what did suprise me was how much detail is lost everywhere on the sony. Things that where one colour on the bravia are suddenly colour graded and have shadow detail as well.

  • Hi

    Plasma,Plasma,Plasma. It’s all about great Blacks and good gray scales in the picture. I don’t care if LCD are lighter or use less power they just can’t reproduce the same level of black as a plasma and Real World contrast is what its all about !

  • Hello,

    for me LCD is much better than Plasma,i like bright image and Plasma seems to have a layer of dust on its picture.recently and after introducing of Sony’s 40″w2000 ,Sony has proven that the dynamic contrast is not any more a week point for Lcd general i believe that LCD TVs are the better choice than Plasmas and the colour distribution in newer version of LCDs is brilliant.

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