iType rich text system to be available on Symbian OS

Mobile phones

iType is a system from Monotype Imaging that generates scalable, multilingual, and, most importantly, legible text on consumer devices. It’s already installed on handsets made by three of the world’s largest handset manufacturers, and now it is to be made available in the widely-used and popular Symbian OS, meaning it could find its way onto more.

iType works well on devices where display space is at a premium, such as mobile phone screens. iType font engine version 3.0 supports a patent-pending SmartHint technology that allows for high-quality display of East Asian characters scalled to small sizes. The technology combines new methods involving character fine-tuning and compression/decompression techniques, without the necessity to incorporate embedded bitmaps to handle the clear display of small-sized text.

An advantage of this system to that it’s now possible to use fonts that have been specifically designed, giving the possibility of personalising text in the same way that ringtones and wallpapers are.

Below is a picture that demonstrates the ‘before’ and ‘after’ effect of using iType over a standard display.


Monotype Imaging

Andy Merrett
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