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zumo_front.JPGGarmin’s already got a couple of satnav systems for motorbikes, the zūmo 550 and zūmo 550 Deluxe. Now they’ve been joined by a third, the zūmo 400. It’s a more affordable version, suitable for touring bikes and sports bikes.

It’s been designed to be biker-friendly, with left-handed controls and big touchscreen buttons. You get UK and Ireland map data if you buy it here, with points of interest including hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, ATMs and long rows of buses positioned just right for a daredevil jump. Okay, not that last one.

Speed camera information is also preloaded, with audio-visual warnings when you’re approaching cameras, along with a warning if you’re going too fast. Garmin is selling a subscription to download updated information on camera locations too.

The zūmo 400’s software is also fully customisable, so you can enter your own points of interest, and download regular trips onto the system. You can also swap routes and waypoints with other zūmo owners.

It’s robust, with a locking motorcycle mount and waterproof power and data cable connections. Plus it features Garmin’s Garmin Lock theft prevention system requiring users to enter a four-digit pin. The zūmo 400 goes on sale in March.

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