FreeStyle iPod nano 2G starter kit

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So, you’ve got your brand new iPod nano and you are considering the mass of add-ons available to buy, not sure of they’re any good or indeed any use. Well new owner, the FreeStyle iPod nano 2G starter kit is aimed very much at you.

It throws together all the extras you might need. Well, extras that don’t cost much – don’t expect a powerful speaker system and remote for under £25. What you do get is a selection of silicon cases (pink, white and black), an FM transmitter for playback via the car stereo, an iPod multicharger (mains, card and USB), screen protector, armband and a lanyard.

Ok, much of it will gather dust in a box, but for the £24.99 asking price, it doesn’t seem bad value for a selection of basics.

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Dave Walker
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