Windows Vista Launch, London – Bill Gates Speech 3 (the one where they talk about libraries and we see The Feeling)

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Still both yapping on about this new ‘Turning The Pages’ program that the Library can use with Vista, we’re ‘treated’ to a short film about da Vinci, his manuscripts, and what several key historians think of the involvement with Microsoft. She announces a competition hosted by the Library, which will give away several copies of the ‘Turning the Pages’ program to schools in the UK, worth over £10,000 each.

Cynthia Crossley approaches the stage, the director of the UK Windows Client Business Group. Apparently Microsoft have spent years gathering feedback from beta testers, adapting the operating system many times, always taking onboard the tips from users. According to Cynthia, one in three homes in Britain own a computer, and they want to connect all these people, allowing people to get connected, and literally ‘wow’ them.

It’s getting a bit obvious The Feeling will be taking the stage shortly, as she begins to mention music and entertainment. Yep, several stagehands come onstage bearing stools and guitars, as a short film about The Feeling starts. The members of the ‘sophisticated pop’ band (their quote, not mine!) claim to use Windows constantly, whether updating their website or MySpace (haha), or simply chilling out and listening to music. A dapper man in a suit comes on – where are the other chaps? You’re telling me only one member is here?! Where are the other lazy sods?!

He grabs the guitar and starts to play and sing their first hit in the UK – I recognise it but don’t know what it’s called, sorry, I can’t stand them. Wow. Just noticed he’s wearing a sparkly vintage-inspired silver butterfly brooch on his lapel, hee! [You can take the girl out of thebaglady, but you can’t take thebaglady out of the girl – Susi]

Thank goodness, he’s just walked off, and Cynthia is back on, and explains why they had him appear onstage just to reinforce the entertainment factor that Vista is pushing. She promises that after the keynote speech, the whole band will be available, and will provide ‘entertainment’. Greash!

Katherine Hannaford
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