Turn your Nintendo DS into a VoIP phone

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nintendo-ds.jpgIf I get my DS working at a Wi-Fi hotspot, chances are I’m going to be playing Mario Kart DS online (and losing, dammit). But how about using the DS to call people for free? Admittedly, Nintendo has yet to release a DS VoIP application, but there are plenty of boffins out there beavering away on their own.

The VoIP Service Blog has a roundup of some of them, including VoiceChatClient, HelloDS and Nintendo’s own DSpeak, which has so far only been presented as a demo (albeit one that puts a Mario or Wario avatar on screen to lip-sync your words). However, they tend to be experimental, and require techy knowledge just to get them working.

The fact that the easiest way to voice-chat on your DS now is in the online lobby of Metroid Prime: Hunters shows there’s a way to go in turning Nintendo’s games device into something that might make you leave your mobile phone at home.

(via The VoIP Service Blog)

Stuart Dredge
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