T-Mobile moves to end “technobabble”

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According to new research undertaken by T-Mobile and YouGov, over half of the UK’s population is “frustrated, confused or bored by technology jargon”.

It sounds like it’s more confused than bored or frustrated, with a third of Britons unsure of VoIP and considerably more (77 per cent) baffled by HSDPA. In fact, 2 per cent of those surveyed thought it was connected to tax returns and 5 per cent having some strange notion that it is connected to their body’s mineral content.

After undertaking the survey, T-Mobile is now planning to tackle “technobabble”. All of its shop staff are taking part in training to ensure they clearly demonstrate what customers can do with their gadgets, and talk in their language rather than in megabits and gigabytes, in an effort to “demystify” technology.

While all that’s admirable, let’s hope dumbing down doesn’t mean treating us all like dummies.

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Dave Walker
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