Thief returns stolen mobile phone and belongings after receiving 21 text messages from owner

Mobile phones

Mobile phone pictureIn China, a young thief returned the belongings of a Chinese teacher he had stolen from after she sent him 21 text messages asking for the items to be returned.

Pan Aiying, a Chinese teacher at Wutou Middle School in Qihe county, had a bag containing her mobile phone, bank cards, and 4,900 yuan (about £350), snatched by a motorcycle rider.

She tried to call her stolen phone, but was disconnected. Before calling the police, she sent a text message to the phone: “Hey buddy. I’m Pan Aiying, a teacher from Wutou Middle School. You must be going through a difficult time. If so, I will not blame you”

And a second: “Keep the 4,900 yuan if you really need it, but please return the other things to me. You are still young. To error is human. Correcting your mistake is more important than anything,”

Another 19 messages were sent, all without reply. She gave up, planning to call the police the next morning. However, on her way out the next day, she found a parcel containing her bag, phone, cards, and money, all intact.

“Dear Pan: I’m sorry. I made a mistake. Please forgive me. You are so tolerant even though I stole from you. I’ll correct my ways and be an upright person,”

A rare and touching story.


Andy Merrett
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