Seagate offers new drive for Mac users -Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition


Seagate’s Maxtor storage devices aren’t new, but recent models have only been good for Windows-based machines. But good news if you are an Apple user – the company has launched an Apple-friendly version of the Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition.

Capacity is 160GB and it’s good to transport, back up and synchronise their video files, photos, music tracks and any other digital content stored on your desktop or laptop Apple. The Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition is also the first mobile storage device that ships with a complete set of software to protect digital content, including automated backup, data protection and file synchronisation.

Using the automated backup software, you can back up on a set schedule or with the touch of a button. With synchronisation, you can match up your home and mobile PC. And for data protection, it uses Maxtor DriveLock, embedded firmware that restricts data access if the drive is ever lost or stolen, even if the internal hard drive is removed and attached to another computer.

No specific store date or price as yet confirmed.

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Dave Walker
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