Scotty Pro – the natural way to power up your gadgets


Granted it might not be ideal in the driving wind and rain of a British winter, but when the skies do clear, you could take advantage of it to charge your batteries and gadgets, courtesy of the Scotty Pro.

Just pop it into direct sunlight for a few hours and it will charge up its rechargeable AA Batteries, which will in turn power up your mobile phone, games console, MP3 player, digital camera or any other USB powered device, giving them up to an additional 12 hours of life.

Even in low light it charges, but the more brightness you can find, the better the charge. It also comes with a mass of adaptors for mobiles (but check the website to make sure it works with yours) and a USB cable for power to most portable gadgets.

You can pick one up for £49.95

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Dave Walker
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