Mi-Xfm – Xfm selects your very own online playlist


If you’ve never encountered XFM, it’s an “alternative” radio station based in London and Manchester. If you want to make it even more alternative, it might be worth checking out its newly-launched Mi-Xfm.

It follows very much in the steps of Pandora, developing a music playlist based on your preferences. In practice, it’s a very simplified, but still interesting, online music player. Sign up, then have a selection of tracks from the XFM playlist streamed to you. If you like it, you can opt to have the track or artist played more often – if you have it, you can ask for it to be played less.

And if you really hate the artist (in my case this was Marilyn Manson), you can choose to “rest” that artist for 30 days. It’s not got the technical back-end of Pandora, the stream is just juggling with its music archives to find something that consistently appeals to your tastes. But if you don’t mind generally mind Xfm, it’s not a bad little music player. And it’s free!

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Dave Walker
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