Maplin's Personal GPS Tracker – track down your loved one

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Launched as a “Valentine’s Day gift with a difference” by Maplin Electronics, the Personal GPS Tracker is being pitched as the perfect device to monitor your partner’s every move.

Not exactly romantic is it? And you wonder who someone would still be in a relationship if they needed to track their partner 24/7? But on a more positive note, it could be useful for someone genuinely lost or stranded. The device sends map coordinates via text message to any of the three numbers stored in its memory. Co-ordinates can then be entered into Google Earth so the exact location of the person carrying the device can be found.

And for the untrusting amongst you, the Personal GPS Tracker can request co-ordinates that will automatically be sent without your partner even knowing. Or the person carrying the device can choose to send co-ordinates manually to any of the numbers programmed into the tracker’s memory to prove they aren’t doing the dirty. Additionally, using Street Map the co-ordinates can be transcribed into a route, so you can catch your partner unaware.

An expensive gift if your relationship is in such a state at £199.99 – but at least it should ease or confirm any concerns.

Maplin Electronics website

Dave Walker
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