Khet: it's like chess, but with extra lasers

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khet.jpgDeep Blue wouldn’t have had a chance against Garry Kasparov if the Russian had been given a laser or two. Perhaps this could form the basis of a chess handicap system in the future, if computers start kicking human-grandmaster ass more regularly.

Anyway, Khet is a board game that’s a bit like chess, except with more mirrors and lasers. Oh, and an ancient Egyptian theme. I didn’t realise they had lasers, but I guess it does explain those smooth pyramid walls.

The two players’ pieces are scattered on the board, and kitted out with mirrors. The aim is to bounce laser beams around them to light up your foe’s Pharoah piece, while protecting your own. It sounds great, and costs £34.95 from Boys Stuff. Next week: robot cribbage.

Khet laser board game

Stuart Dredge
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