Kenpo's range of iPod jackets

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2006 was the year of iPod clothing. Whether people wanted it or not, it was everywhere – from Koyono’s casual jackets and the iPod Levis to a more formal iPod suit and accessories, such as the Tunebuckle iPod belt. And after a fairly lengthy break, there’s more of it, courtesy of Kenpo, which has issued a range of iPod jackets.

Like most of the previously-seen items, the jackets here aren’t a million miles away from your average high street items. That one difference is built-in control for your portable player. Just press the appropriate button on the sleeve to play, advance tracks or adjust your volume. All without the need for additional battery power and with full water resistance.

There’s plenty to choose from – pick out your favourite at the Kenpo website.

Via Shiny Shiny

Dave Walker
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