InFocus Play Big IN1 home theatre and gaming projector

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InFocus is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an upgrade of its existing product line and the introduction of a new projector – the InFocus Play Big IN1.

The Play Big IN1 is described as an instant home theatre and gaming projector. It is based on DLP technology from Texas Instruments and features a built-in DVD player and speakers, which should make it easy for beginners to get started with the unit. There’s also a ceiling mirror (no laughing at the back please) that allows you to watch your favourite film on the ceiling (for example, if you’re in bed).

InFocus promises “outstanding picture and audio”, but don’t offer full specifications at this time. But as it’s also promising “excellent value”, we can probably assume it’s a budget item, but well worth a look if you fancy taking a first step into home projection.

Price to be confirmed.

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