mapping portal lets you share your location from Windows laptop/Pocket PC

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Franson Technology has launched, a GPS mapping portal that allows anyone with a Windows laptop or Windows-based Pocket PC device to share their location with anyone they have approved to ‘spot’ them online.

It’s aimed at friends or colleagues who want to ‘synchronise their lives for work or fun’. No longer will you have to rely on old-fashioned methods of coordinating your mates – “Meet at the Grey Horse at 7.30” – for now you can simply log in to and see your friends’ positions on a map, or a satellite image provided by a Google Earth plugin.

The GpsGate software costs US$29.95, with free access to the GpsGate website. Of course, your device needs to be GPS-ready, or have access to a GPS unit. GPSGate allows you to use Garmin USB GPS receivers with standard GPS applications.

In the future the company plans to add business tools to, such as the ability to track delivery vans.

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Andy Merrett
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