Finger Trap – the ultimate notebook theft deterrent


There are numerous notebook security solutions on the market, but when all’s said and done, threats of violence are probably the best way to keep would-be snoops away. So let’s hope the Finger Trap goes into production.

The Finger Trap is one of a number of notebook accessory ideas created by students at Universitat Der Kunste Berlin, probably with the students tongues firmly inserted into their cheeks. The Finger Trap connects to a notebook via a Kensington Lock when the notebook is not in use. A screensaver is started, warning passers-by that the machine is locked. Try to remove it with a touch of the scrolling area and you’ll feel the weight of the trap.

No news of this going into production as yet, but you can see more images of it, along with other weird and wonderful notebook ideas at the Universitat Der Kunste Berlin website.

Universitat Der Kunste Berlin website


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