DocuPen RC800 – colour scanning from a pen-sized gadget


A more minimalist approach to scanning comes from the DocuPen RC800 – which offers full colour 24 bit scanning of documents, which can then be saved to a PC or PDA or sent via email.

Much smaller than the typical flatbed scanner at 210cm long and 2cm wide, it’s certainly a useful gadget for anyone constantly working on the move. The DocuPen RC800 can scan in black and white, standard colour or high 24bit colour with a resolution from 100 to 400 dpi.

Instead of a small scan element at its tip, it has an electronic eye that runs nearly the whole length of the scanner’s 8.9-inch wand-like body. To capture a document, just lay the device flat across the top of the page and sweep it down to scan the page in one swoop. A built-in lithium ion battery lets you scan pages anywhere and transfer them to your computer later. Planon claims that the battery is good for 40 true-colour scans per charge – more if you do monochrome scans.

You can pick one up now, typically priced around £210.

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