Chestnut Hill's George – the affluent person's iPod dock

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georgedock.jpgTop marks for the best product name of 2007 (so far), but less points for the hefty price tag that comes with the George iPod dock from Chestnut Hill.

Chestnut Hill claims it is the “first digital audio system to combine an iPod music playback system, full feature wireless remote, AM/FM radio and alarm system in one product.” It’s big selling point is definitely the sound, promised to far out-perform equivalent-sized table top systems, thanks to coaxial (2-way) speakers and a dedicated downfiring 4″ sub-woofer, optimised for low frequency reproduction without excessive EQ or resonant ducts. The 5 speaker system is then bi-amped to for a more genuine sound.

It’s also stylish, available in white or a more retro wood finish and has a fully-featured remote (which also acts as the face panel) with graphical display of your track details or radio station. All very impressive, but with so many iPod docks on the market at lower prices, the £350 price tag for George might be hard to justify.

Find out more at the Chestnut Hill website

Dave Walker
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