CES 2007: Ten latest videos

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Another day, another silly gadget or ten brought to you by our intrepid journalists. Here are the ten latest videos we shot at CES, assembled for your viewing pleasure.

1. Best. Video. Ever. Not only will the Giddyup Horse Simulator make you laugh lose weight, but you can get some uncomfortable jollies watching Stuart do his thang in a strangely sexual fashion.

2. I hate everyone who lives in Japan. Not only do they get to live in my favourite country, eating the best food in the world, but they also have Akihabara and futuristic gadgets we’ll never see. These 10 megapixel cameraphones are a case in point.

3. One for students everywhere. Or, if you believe the sign, pets and babies. They say it’s a mini washer. I say it’s a glorified salad spinner. You decide.

4. I don’t get Hello Kitty at all. I find her more than mildly disturbing. I am, however, impressed with her brand. She gets her name on more things than (probably) the Olsen twins, whose empire had 100,000,000 products at last guess. Good PR choice, Kitty. 🙂

5. Hubba hubba. Scratch the iPhone, this tablet PC/laptop/identity crisis is a serious contender for sexiest computer-related gadget introduced in January 2007.

6. Kodak pimp their latest digicam offering, but it doesn’t seem to match up to what I expect from a camera these days. Sure, it takes and stores and shares pictures. But where’s my phone, address book, SMS service, and diddy web browser? Get with the times, people!

7. I hate exercise. I love exercise devices that make the people using them look foolish, especially when I’m not that person.

8. WiFi portable media player. It, um, plays media on the move, and has WiFi. Sort of like Ronseal. Which doesn’t play media or have WiFi, but does do what it says on the tin.

9. I love the proliferation of gadgets found in the average house these days. What I don’t love is the endless wires, and the ensuing chaos, even with cable tidies in use and identifying post-its on every plug socket. Netgear may have the answer, once I can afford the products their wireless is designed for…

10. n00b! This is 1337 pwnage, public smack-down stylee. Working with computers and gadgets obviously doesn’t mean you actually know how to play with them… kekekekekek

Kate Walker
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