CES 2007: iControl home monitoring service

CES 2007

icontrol.jpgWant to spy on the Nanny to prove whether she really is feeding your kids nothing but M&Ms while kicking the cat? You need a home monitoring system like iControl, which is getting an upgrade to version 2 this year, including the ability to spy on your house via your mobile phone.

The service costs $14.95 a month, and lets you peek at what’s going on in your house at any time, usually via a web-based portal. “The main uses are people who want to monitor family, although there are applications in property management and small business,” says Reza Raji, president at iControl Networks.

Raji says iControl is trialling the service in Europe, although it will likely look for other companies to rebrand and sell the technology. It’s noticeable that the web portal and overall feel are very accessible – something that Raji says is deliberate.

That’s the niche of this thing,” he says. “We’ve come up with a truly mass-market, integrated solution. It’s kinda like what TiVo did with PVRs. You could do PVR before TiVo, and you could do home monitoring before iControl. But this installs within 10 minutes of getting it our of the box.”

iControl website

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Stuart Dredge
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