Cellswapper: an answer to those lengthy mobile contracts?

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cellswapper.jpgMobile contract lengths have been creeping from 12 to 18 months in the UK, while it’s reported that to get an iPhone on US operator Cingular, you’ll have to sign up to a TWO YEAR contract. Cripes. So what to do if you’re stuck in a contract and want out?

Cellswapper is a US-only site at the moment, but the idea is to match up people who want to get out of their contracts early without paying a fee, with those who want to get a short-term contract. The result: two happy punters, one of whom can expect to save $150-200 in termination fees.

The operators don’t work in quite the same way over here, but it’d be interesting to see if a service like Cellswapper could take off here. Maybe a retailer like the Carphone Warehouse could even run it…

Cellswapper website

(via eHub)

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  • Resellular.com is offering their ‘get out of cell phone contract’ service for free until the end of this month. Good news for any skeptics considering these type of sites

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