YouTube Video of the Day – Odd Japanese vending machine

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The Japanese are the kings and queens of gadgets. In fact, I sometimes convince myself that Japan is full of weird and wonderful things flying through the air like robotic Pokemon… but in reality, it no doubt isn’t. In fact, if this video is anything to go off, it shows just how pointless technology can be. I for one don’t want to be spoke to by a bilingual robot who shows me a film whilst I wait for it to vend a stewed tea my way…

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One thought on “YouTube Video of the Day – Odd Japanese vending machine

  • Japan is more like your fantasy than you’d expect – when I was there three years ago there were vending machines that you could buy cars from, vending machines that did manicures, and hot coffee on the side of remote mountains. No schoolgirl panties, though, and we looked hard.

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