Tune 'n' Radio: FM radio that you build yourself



Forget the latest DAB radios – in fact, forget a standard FM radio that you buy ready made off the shelf. The Tune ‘n’ radio is a full functional FM radio that you have to finish making yourself, and is truly for the self-expressive techie.

It comes in six colours – vintage mint, tangerine, ivory, flame blue, feu rouge, and vintage blue – yet when you get hold of one you’ll see it lacks a few things.

It has to be completed with your own “personal demand for style”.

An antenna has to be found and attached, holes for the sound have to be drilled, and the buttons for sound and tuning have to be made functional.

It sounds as if the concept has been popular (or else they didn’t make very many) as the studio are now working on a new production model, available in a few months.

Tune ‘n’ Radio

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Andy Merrett
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