Top10 YouTube videos of 2006

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The folks over at have compiled a list of the most watched viral videos of 2006 with Britney Spears burping and saying “huh?!” coming out on top (click here to watch the horror unfold). To readress the balance, here are my Top10 YouTube videos that I watched during 2006.

1. The Amazing Chain Reaction Machines. This is a Japanese Kids TV show that teaches you about cause and effect… and it’s jaw-dropping

2. The Disappearing Octopus. Hiding from a predator never looked as cool as this!

3. Little Superstar. Genius bodybopping small chap dances around to terrible eighties faux hip-hop ‘Holiday Rap’. What more do you want from life?

4.Tony versus Paul. Amazing stop frame animation of two ‘battling’ friends.

5. Amatuer Musician. More suave stop framing with dazzling results!

6.”I’m Blogging!”. Great little satire that features lines that we should all be impersonating instead of lines from Little Britain.

7. Ben Takes A Photo of Himself Every Day… well, he doesn’t.

8.Stylin’ With Mr T. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

9.The Kid from Brooklyn. Potty mouthed rant about the evils of Starbucks. Hilarious!

10.Mic Down Throat. Unfortunately, this also does exactly what it says on the tin. Ouch!

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