Strobe-e Keychain Tuner – the rock musician's perfect companion


The rock musician’s life is a simple one – play your guitar, get drunk, take your pick if the groupies and do it all again the night after. You can’t imagine them having a lot of time for reading blogs and playing with gadgets. But if any happen to be reading this, here’s a tool you can’t live without – the Strobe-e Keychain Tuner.

The Strobe-e is essentially a keyring-sized guitar tuner with a couple of worthwhile add-ons. The LED of the Strobe-e flashes at the same frequency as your low E string when it is in tune. Just shine the Strobe-e on your Low E – if the string appears to be moving adjust the tension of the string until it appears to be still. When the string appears to be still, it’s in tune.

But that’s not all. Being pitched at rock musicians, it’s also a bottle opener (to save on your teeth). And it’s also a mini torch, ideal for finding the stage through those dark corridors. Complete with a rechargeable battery, you can pick it up for around $9.99.

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Dave Walker
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