Shiny Christmas survey results

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We asked, you answered. And boy, did we learn some interesting facts about our fellow gadget fans.

* You’re (mostly) all label whores. Roughly 67% of you said that “receiving the wrong brand” was the worst thing about getting gadgets for Christmas.

* You Wiilly, Wiilly want Wiis under the tree on 25 December. It was the gift of choice among respondents, although one-third of you are sorely disappointed that we won’t see a PS3 in the UK before 2007. Maybe the price will have come down by next Christmas?

* The Wii is not enough. You gadget-hungry consumers also want flat-screen TVs to show off your new consoles to their best advantage. As for what sort of flat-screen, you’re not that fussed – LCDs fared well, as did HDTVs. Just keep a firm hand on that Wiimote!

* MP3 players and mobile phones seem to have had their day as gifts. Is this because they’re so passe, or are we all just kitted up and happy with what we’ve got? I know I treat my MP3 player like it’s a baby, and I’m sure I’m not alone…

* Either we’re getting more gadget-savvy, or gadgets are becoming more user-friendly. Or both. Only 12% of you said that complicated instruction manuals were the major downside to getting a shiny new toy for Christmas.

Thanks for satisfying our curiosity about your worlds within. Now why don’t you stop by for a comment, say hello, and we’ll make you feel welcome.

Kate Walker
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