iRiver's S7 – music player meets sticker book

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Here’s a novel idea for a music player – forget the screen and replace it with a surface for some of your favourite stickers. Yes, that’s the selling point of the iRiver S7 portable player.

Sized at just 42 x 30 x 9.6mm and weighing 15g, it features a white panel where you’d expect a screen – a place for your stickers apparently. Personally I’d like to know some basics like track name, volume or battery level. But perhaps that’s because I don’t really collect stickers.

Ignoring that, there’s also 1GB of flash storage, FM radio, 9 hour battery life and support for MP3, ASF, OGG, and WMA (likely DRM too, but not confirmed). It’s on sale in Korea for the equivalent of around £50. No confirmation if this is heading for the UK.

iRiver website

Via Engadget

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