Fortuneball: 21st century peace of mind for a whole 30 days ahead!


fortuneball.jpgChristmas time really is a great time for checking out weird gadgets to give to your unsuspecting friends and relations, and if – with less than 2 weeks to go – you don’t need a fortune teller to convince you that you’re out of gift ideas and ‘headless chicken mode’ is about to commence (typical male) then this could possibly solve one of your dilemmas.

The Fortuneball is a computerised Fortune Prediction System, and it supposedly harnesses a whole plethora of mystical techniques including Astrology, Numerology, I Ching (cha-ching, more like), and Biorhythms. Based upon your birth date and time, it aims to give you a prediction about your health, wealth and love life.

Fortunately, it doesn’t speak to you in a gender-challenged “Speak ‘n’ Spell” fashion. It merely glows one of five colours to let you know what level of fortune you can expect: red for low common fortune; purple for rising fortune; green for good fortune; light blue for great fortune and dark blue for supreme fortune.

Even better, it only takes 15 seconds to come up with that hypothesis, and once you’ll shelled out the £69.95 for it, you don’t have to find a dodgy travelling funfair, or cross its virtual palm with silver.

And as if that weren’t enough, it is even designed with Feng Shui principles in mind. The Fortuneball is engineered to perfect proportions with a 100mm solid crystal ball and beautiful multi colour ambient light.


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Andy Merrett
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