Eos – wireless speaker system for your iPod

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Yet another iPod sound sound system, but with a difference – Eos offers wireless connectivity, so you can beam your tunes around a fairly hefty distance.

Dock your iPod into the main unit and you can listen to your music anywhere within a 150ft range – which should be more than enough for most houses. In fact, you can probably stream it beyond the house and into the garden. Or if you want to do both, you can buy an extra set of speakers and do just that.

You can have up to four sets of speakers for each base station and as it’s Wi-Fi friendly, it shouldn’t bother your main connection. The system goes on sale in March 2007 for around $300, with extra speakers retailing for an additional $130. No date for a UK release.

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Dave Walker
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  • please let me know when eos wireless are on sale in the uk as can,t ship from the u.s

  • I’ve done exactly that. I have one of the speakers outside on my deck. The sound quality is out of this world. Not a single problem with interference.

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