Avanquest's Punch! home design studio – give your home a computer makeover


Have you seen those house renovation shows that offer up a model 3D view of a house? Walls get moved, rooms swap around and gardens appear before your eyes. It’s not just a TV tool – you can do the same on your home computer with Avanquest’s Punch! home design studio for the Mac.

It is a Mac product, but completed design files can be transferred between PC and Mac. The software produces professional home and garden designs with a single interface, integrating all the different program components from interior design and roofing to HVAC and electrical plans.

An extensive object library is included for personalising or recreating a home or garden design – anything from furniture and blinds to wall hangings and garden furniture can be dragged and dropped into the design. And anything that isn’t in the database can be created with object wizards. There’s also a full landscaping suite, with over 4000 trees, flowers and shrubs in the package.

And when you’ve designed your home, you can view inside and out in lifelike 3D. And designs can be printed as actual floorplans for architect use. Available from late December, Punch! will retail for £89.99.

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Dave Walker
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