ASIMO robot takes a spill


asimo.jpgIt seems that even with all the major advances in technology and the billions of dollars spent Honda are no closer to creating a robot that can walk up and down stairs. The first video we have for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen, is the walking UP steps problem. A tricky manoeuvre you might think, and for a hunk of plastics, metal and circuitry you’d be right; the video proves it. Maybe he (it?) would get on a bit better if he were watching where he was going and not at the crowd. Show off.

And for ASIMO’s next trick – this video – why doesn’t he try going DOWN stairs? Y’know, mix it up a little. Oh dear, no luck there either. A quick look at Honda’s site shows no mention of a stair climbing ability. Funny, then, that they would attempt such a feat in front of a live audience where mistakes like the above could be filmed for us all to enjoy. Surely they didn’t edit the site after this did they? Just think, that’s more money than any of us will see in our lifetimes taking that tumble. The robot invasion is delayed for now… unless they can find a ramp.

John Connelly
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