Yay or Nay: Jeremy David "Human 2.0"



Whilst much Internet talk is about Web 2.0, Jeremy David has taken a different approach and is professing to be “Human 2.0”. He’s doing an experiment via his blog where readers can influence certain aspects of his life.

He writes:

My life is very dramatic, and I am pretty sure that I bring most of it upon myself. I certainly could make a reality TV show out of it. Or a soap opera. But are people actually going to come here and read about my life? I have no idea. But what if people had the opportunity to influence my life. A choose your own adventure, of sorts – where people give suggestions and vote on what I do. Yes, that is exactly what this website will become. It’s going to take some time to get a user base large enough to make this work, and the way users can physically interact with the site is going to take several evolutions as well. I’m very excited about this idea and hope you participate.

What do you think? It’s early days yet but it does sound like an interesting project. Not everything is up for grabs – he’s steering clear of relationships and illegal activities. Is he mad, or is it cool?

Yay or nay?

Jeremy David web site

Andy Merrett
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