Web rage pickaxe-wielder gets 2 years


Paul Gibbons must go down in history as the UK’s first person to be struck by “web rage”. Unfortunately, his victim was struck with a pickaxe handle, and cut with a knife, as a result of an argument which took place on an Internet chat room.

Today Gibbons was sentenced to 2 years in prison for his crime.

He and friend travelled from South London to Clacton, where John Jones lived, to continue the fight in the physical world.

PC Jean-Marc Bazzoni was quick to talk up the dangers of the Internet and chat rooms: “This case highlights the dangers of Internet chatrooms, particularly with regards to giving personal details that will allow other users to discover home addresses.”

Yes, although Gibbons could have met Jones whilst he was on holiday in the fine town of Clacton, had an argument in a local bar, and followed him home (after finding a suitable array of weaponry, and phoned a friend).

Take care, though, folks: the web’s a dark and nasty place.

Andy Merrett
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