Use your brain power to play Mindball


Who needs feet? You can control a ball with the power of your brain at the new Neurobotics exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

The game is called Mindball – a neurofeedback game in which the most chilled-out brain wins. Mindball players sit at either end of a table, wearing a headband that scans their brains’ alpha and theta waves, measuring their state of relaxation and concentration. Mindball translates these signals into movement of the ball on the table, providing instant feedback on the state of each player’s relaxation. For the more relaxed player, the ball moves from its starting position in the middle of the table, towards his or her opponent’s goal. To regain the initiative, the other player has to discover how to become more relaxed.

“The serious point with Mindball is that it is possible to learn how to control your state of relaxation”, said Sean Gough, Chief Executive of Mindball’s UK distributor Vivifeye. “This is often a revelation for many people, who can progress from this insight to change how they react to work pressure and life stress.”

If you want to try it out, the exhibition runs until 10th April 2007.

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  • So, the concept of the International Staring competitions as seen on Big Train moves a step closer.

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