University Challenge Electronic Game


Forget Trivial Pursuit – if you’re looking for some high-brow entertainment in the home, you can now play University Challenge in your own home with this Electronic Game.

No minor celebrity host on a DVD here (which seems to be the fashion these days), this version looks like it’s been made in a university science lab out of a few spare parts. You get an authentic buzzer and bell (though you’ll have to shout out your own name), an LED timer and a flip chart scorecard. There are four categories of question cards to choose from with questions – from basic through to brainiac – and you can participate in teams or as individuals.

The rules are the same – “starter for ten” to notch the first ten points on the scoreboard – or five points off if you get it wrong. Available now, you can pick it up for £19.95. Bad facial hair, NHS glasses and sweaters are not included.

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Dave Walker
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