Top Up TV launches new Anytime service with digital TV recorder

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Top Up TV has been around a while, offering extra channels to Freeview customers via a small hardware add-on. Now it’s going one step further – with new channels and new digital TV recorder to watch them on, along with on demand programming.

With the new box, the number of premium channels available rises to 19, with new channels including Disney, MTV, Paramount Comedy, Livingtv, plus other channels via pay per view. The new digital recorder is in Sky+ territory, allowing you to pause, rewind and fast forward live TV as well as record two channels at the same time. It also offers TV on demand – Top Up TV Anytime – over 100 hours a week of programming, refreshed daily. And it also acts as a standard recorder, with 160GB hard drive (up to 120 hours recording space).

The new Top Up TV Anytime service will be priced at £9.99 per month, with movies £5 per month extra, along with the cost of the box, which is still to be confirmed.

Top Up TV

Dave Walker
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