Teen texting survey reveals a celebrity following

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mobile.pngA new survey of texting teenagers by Hotxt has revealed what teenagers think about text messaging and etiquette (or lack of it).

Amongst the musical celebs that teens would most like to add to their texting circle of friends, Lindsay Lohan beat Paris Hilton as the most popular female (22.8%), with Lily Allen in second place (20%).

In TV celeb land, Charlotte Church (I thought she was a musician, oh well) came number 1 with 17.8%. Declan Donnelly came second with 14.7% though Ant was in 7th place (7.4%). Slightly worrying (surely) is that Simon Cowell came third with 12.3%. Why?? Louis Walsh was the least favourite of all, though. Jamie Oliver came 4th with 10.7%.

Teens were also surveyed about who they thought would be the greatest ‘text pest’, and, oh dear, the Hoffmeister (David Hasselhoff) was voted top with 29.3%. Russell Brand was voted second (23%) with Robbie Williams in third place (21.1%).

These results show that most young people now prefer to express their feelings emotionally via text rather than picking up the phone to tell someone how they feel about them. Certainly when it comes to flirting, texting is the perfect way to send a cheeky text to someone you fancy! As many as 87.2% 16-24 year olds use texting as the best way to flirt with someone rather than over the phone.

Southampton, Sheffield then Newcastle and are home to the biggest text flirts, but on the flipside, as many people as 22.8% think it is acceptable to dump someone via text message. The survey reveals that teens from Plymouth are the worst contenders for this kind of behaviour.

Doug Richard, co-founder of Hotxt and entrepreneur of Dragon’s Den fame, comments ““This Hotxt celebrity-focused survey is an indication of the significance texting plays across all aspects of teenagers’ lives today. Texting has created a new and preferred platform for communication, an opportunity for social networking and starting new relationships as well as a means to finishing them in an easy and impersonal way, such as the simple text from Britney Spears to her husband to end their marriage.”

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