Star Trek 40th Anniversary Phaser


Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the geek in your life? You just know you’ll not go far wrong with this Star Trek 40th Anniversary Phaser.

Apparently, it’s the 40th anniversary of the first episode aired (not including the pilot episode fact fans), so slip on your replica shirt and false ears and explore new worlds with this Type II phaser. It’s got full lights and sound, replicating everything the old one could do – except fire. But as it was only TV (sorry to break that one to you), neither could the phasers in the show.

There are 4 power settings (with progressively aggressive sounds and lights), a light control knob, a flip up ‘sight’ and an overload setting. And as an extra bonus, a Type I phaser can be detached – still with full lights and sound. Available now from ThinkGeek, you can pick one up online for $29.99.

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Dave Walker
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