Skype offers Wi-Fi phone bundle – phone, router and bundled minutes for under £100


Skype is really giving Wi-Fi calling a push in the run-up to Christmas, offering a new bundle that includes a Wi-Fi Skype phone, a router, some call time and free voicemail thrown in for just under £100.

The kit includes a Wi-Fi phone from SMC and a La Fonera wireless router from Fon. There’s 500 minutes of free SkypeOut credit and free Skype Voicemail for a year. And of course, calling Skype users will be free. We’ve covered Fon before – it’s a way of securely sharing your Wi-Fi connection to create a larger worldwide network. As this only costs £2.75 from Fon, it’s not a great saving. And there’s questions over whether you’d want to share you connection too.

However, a Wi-Fi phone and the credit for £99 still means a decent deal if you want to go wireless with Skype, especially if you already have a router set up. It’s available to order now.

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Dave Walker
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